Samsung Galaxy Fold Initial Impressions – Is it Worth Nearly $2,000?

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Samsung had been working on its foldable phone for a very long time, and it was officially revealed at the Samsung Unpacked 2019 event. We got to look at the device properly for the first time, and also got a quick usability introduction by Josh Kim, who has now become a popular meme (more on that later).

We posted an opinion piece last week on whether Samsung will be able to kickstart a new era with its foldable phone or will it die a fad. Now, with the official unveiling let’s take a look at the features and facts.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Overview

When folded, the front of the device has a 4.6-inch screen for one-handed use, and when unfolded, it transforms into a 7.3-inch tablet display which supports multi-tasking with up to 3 apps at a time. This means you can watch YouTube, talk to friends on WhatsApp and browse the internet at the same time (though it’s not clear why you would want to do all that together).

The device has a specially designed hinge to allow seamless folding of the device, while minimizing the wear and tear that is a natural side-effect. The Fold is powered by two separate battery units, engineered to share power as a single source, and their combined capacity is 4380 mAh, which is decent, but not exceptional given how the device will be used much more than both a dedicated phone and a dedicated tablet.

One main feature highlighted throughout the announcement was App Continuity, which means if you’re using an application on the small screen, it seamlessly transitions to the big screen as soon as you unfold the device and vice versa. This is a user-experience feature which allows you to continue working on your apps between both screen sizes.

All of this is run by a new, 7nm processor and 12GB of RAM. In terms of storage, you get 512GB to boot and for those who take a lot of pictures, the Samsung Fold comes with 6 cameras – 3 on the back, 2 on the inside (tablet view) and 1 on the front (folded phone view).

What’s up with Josh Kim being the butt of all jokes?

During the official announcement, Josh Kim was the person asked to give a demo of the Samsung Fold, and now only did he fumble while trying to launch the Google Maps app, his hands were shaking throughout the demo (watch from minute 8 to minute 9 in the video below) – prompting people to make jokes about how nervous he was.

But if any of us were presenting in front of millions of live stream viewers and an entire auditorium, and we had one of the most advanced new devices in our hands, we would be nervous too. So, in all honesty, let’s give Josh Kim a break!

Is Samsung Galaxy Fold worth the price?

The presentation ended with Samsung Galaxy Fold’s price – starting at a whopping $1,980, making it one of the most expensive consumer phones on the market, even more so than Apple’s latest iPhones.

However, Samsung is promoting the Galaxy Fold as a luxury device, which is the perfect mix of portability, entertainment, and immersive content consumption. Is it worth the price? Probably not. Will it still sell? Most likely.

Even though it is priced very high, Samsung is likely to get away with it given how the device is the first quality offering in this category, and it does seem fairly polished for the first iteration. Granted there are going to be issues such as the large bezels and notches, but Samsung is charging a premium for people wanting to get their hands on the next big thing. Ultimately, the phone is going to sell for its trendiness and unique form factor, but we will have to wait and see how it performs and whether it manages to replace two devices with one brick.

Watch the full Samsung Galaxy Fold announcement video below, courtesy CNET.

What do you think about the Galaxy Fold? Would you pay $1,980 when it becomes available on April 26 to get your hands on one? Let us know via the comments below.

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