Samsung Claims New Technology Will Double Battery Life

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Samsung’s researchers have reportedly made a breakthrough in significantly increasing the energy storage capacity of batteries used in smartphones and other gadgets.

No matter how powerful smartphones and mobile devices get, battery backup has always been a limitation, dictating the true mobility of any portable computer, be it a laptop or a smartphone.

The main problem in increasing the capacity of batteries is the size factor, because batteries essentially need to be physically larger in order to hold more power. In order to find a way around this, researchers have been looking into alternatives which can provide higher power storage capacities while remaining within the physical dimensions acceptable for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Samsung made an announcement yesterday to this effect, stating that its researchers have been able to almost double the energy storage capacity of existing lithium ion batteries by “using a silicon cathode material for coating high crystal graphene on a silicon surface”.

Samsung Battery Capacity Doubling

The approach used by Samsung is something a lot of other research groups in the United States have been trying as well, and includes a new coating for battery cathodes using Graphene, which is an excellent conductor.

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Researchers at Samsung claim that using this method allows the battery fuel cell to reach high volumetric densities and outperform lithium ion batteries. There is however the chance of excessively shortening battery life with this approach, but the researchers claim that they’ve also compensated for multiple charge and discharge cycles with a multi-layered design.

You can read the original story on Business Korea and if you’re interested in reading more about the actual research you can head over to Nature communications.

According to Samsung, this new development can have huge implications for the industry and will impact all mobile devices and possibly the electric car industry as well. However, like any other new technology, actual public availability and commercialization is probably a couple years ahead.

What do you think about Samsung’s new breakthrough? Are you satisfied with your current phone or tablet’s battery backup? Share your feedback by commenting below.

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