Runtastic Releases Moment, a Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

The Austrian fitness brand, Runtastic, recently launched their fitness tracking smartwatch called Runtastic Moment. However, like your typical wearable smart technology, the Moment does not come with a digital display and sticks to an analog face.

Its main features are focused around health and fitness tracking sensors, including a heart-rate monitor. The watch can also track the number of steps you take and estimate the calories you burn.

Sleep monitoring and your movements are also tracked by watch and it can also vibrate to alert you of incoming messages and other notifications.

Runtastic Moment Smartwatches Fitness

The watch connects with Runtastic’s own mobile software via Bluetooth and the app stores all the fitness data it collects for your record.

Since the watch does not have a digital display, the battery life is pretty decent and the company claims you can run the watch for about 6 months on a regular battery.

While it’s not exactly rugged, you do get 100m water proofing, which should be enough for swimmers and the watch comes with a choice of materials, from leather to stainless steel and aluminium.

Currently four models of the Runtastic Moment are available, the Moment Elite, Moment Classic, Moment Basic and Moment Fun.

The Moment Elite and Classic are the higher tiers, costing around $180 each while the Moment Basic and Moment Fun, priced at $130, are the lower ranged siblings.

Runtastic Moment Smartwatches

Features wise, the Runtastic moment gives you a run down of your daily movement and distance covered, your sleep duration and phases and the progress on your goals.

It can also tell you the number of calories you burn alongside delivering notifications via vibration and an LED light. As mentioned before, the watch has Bluetooth connectivity and a long-lasting battery backed up by 7 days of data storage.

Runtastic Moment Smartwatch Features

You can purchase any of the four Runtastic Moment models from the Runtastic website and expect delivery within a month or so.

Buy Runtastic Moment from Official Site

While Runtastic was a small company earlier, it was recently bought out by sports giant Adidas for $239 million as the latter is trying to level up with its competitors, mainly Nike, which has a big presence in the fitness tracking market.

What do you think about the Runtastic Moment? Would you prefer it over a traditional smartwatch like Android Wear and the Apple Watch? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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