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Not long ago, Google launched the latest version of it’s Android Mobile operating system called “Nougat.” This new version is a significant improvement to Android Marshmallow as it brings some really interesting features and support for current and upcoming technologies like VR.

Some of the interesting features include the ability to give users a multi-window support on their devices. Meaning you can view two or more separate apps that are open on your phone side by side.

This feature, though very useful as it shortcomings as it only allows different apps to be open leaving those that want to view the same app in two windows in the dust.

Parallel Windows for Nougat – Android Apps on Google Play

There is a new free Android app that is looking to address this problem. The app is called Parallel Windows for Nougat. The app allows users to be able to open two different instances of the same app at once that can be view in split screen mode on their devices.

For tablets, because of their usually bigger screens allows you to have more than two instances of the same app open.
This option can be very useful in many instances that include:

Parallel Windows for Nougat – Android Apps on Google Play
-Open Microsoft Word (or Google Docs) in two windows to copy and paste text quickly between two files, or refer to one for research and use the other for writing.
-Keep multiple chat or SMS app windows open at the same time.
-View two browser windows side-by-side, maybe to play web video in one, while surfing in the other.

The app is in its “Alpha” state at the moment meaning some aspects of the app might not work properly and there will be glitches here and there but it does offer something interesting that can’t found in the native OS.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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