Run Android Apps on Chrome Browser for Windows with ARC Welder Tool

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Sometimes we all want to run our favorite Android apps on our PCs and given how Google Chrome has its own apps, most people naturally think the Chrome browser should be able to run Android apps.

However, that wasn’t true till now. Last year Google said that they will be adding limited support for Android apps to their Chrome OS with “App Runtime for Chrome” which used a Dalvik VM and now they’ve actually released a tool called the “ARC Welder” to help developers run Android apps on the Chrome browser for Windows as well.

You will need to download ARC Welder for Chrome first and install the tool. Once that’s done, you will need to launch ARC Welder and select a location on your computer for it to install some setup files. After that you can select an APK Android app or game file from your computer to test it.

ARC Welder for Chrome Browser Windows to test Android Apps

After the ARC Welder tool loads the APK file, you will be presented with some options, including choosing the orientation you want to run the app in and the form factor. To test it out, we used Hitman GO, which we got via the Humble Bundle earlier, but unfortunately the game didn’t run successfully.

How to Run Android Apps on Chrome

If you are having trouble locating the ARC Welder tool after installation, simply visit the download link above and click on “Launch App” to run it. Meanwhile, you can also go to your Chrome extensions page, click on ARC Welder’s details and create a shortcut on your Desktop.

While the ARC Welder is a great tool for developers and generally people who want to try out Android apps on the Chrome browser for Windows, we wouldn’t expect it to run all Android apps properly. However, we expect it to improve over time with the number of supported apps going up.

What do you think about the ARC Welder? Will you be giving it a go on Chrome? We’d love to hear your feedback on this. Meanwhile, if you like this post, share it in your network, follow us on Google+ or subscribe via email below to get more updates.

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