Rumors: Meizu To Use Apple’s Optical Fingerprint Scanner for Upcoming Smartphones

Since the introduction of finger print scanners to the smartphone spectrum some few years back, this niche technology has been adopted by almost every OEM there is. This addition to smartphones has caused an increase in security for users and positive feedback have been recorded by users as well.

Seeing that users are interested in this feature as there are many out there that wouldn’t buy a handset that doesn’t have this technology, manufacturers have turned their attention to this sensor to make it even better for users.

Xiaomi has shown us their Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which they placed just below the display of their Xiaomi Mi 5C smartphone that was launched last year. This scanner was really a niche addition and a booster for the Mi 5C in the market, and if you want to get a clearer view of this scanner see, the image above.

Fingerprint-scannerHowever, even better than the Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are the optical fingerprint scanners which there is word that Apple’s next gen flagship smartphones, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus would be the first handsets to ship off with such specifications.

Now, it looks like Meizu would be trailing them behind as they have shown interest in this same technology to be implemented in their soon to come smartphones. This news was spotted in the screenshot of an article we saw online which was sent by Li Nan, Meizu’s Vice President.


The article is on the optical fingerprint program by Apple and there is word that this article was forwarded to a group of friends, some of which are involved in the working of the optical fingerprint scanner for the fruit company.

With this we are sure that Meizu has set their eyes on this new trend but now it remains unknown which of their upcoming smartphone would feature this specification.

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