Rumors Have it That There Would be No China Launching for The LG G6

The news about the LG G6 has filled the air even before the handset was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress that took place earlier this year. This handset proved to be quite the beauty with top notch specifications, a big and awesome display all blended with master class craftsmanship as the design of this device is nothing less that breathe taking.

The handset is one of the most famous devices as of now and we can even see that other launching dates are being set wherein this smartphone would be heading to other nations as well. Nonetheless, there is still no word with regards to if this handset would be heading over to the shore of China and from the looks of things, the folks over at LG have no plans of shipping this handset to the Chinese market.


We have this assurance from new publicized by a firm in Korea, Daum News, who went on to say that this new handset would not be available for the folks over at China. This is because their statistics have it that the Tech Giants, LG, have not really being profiting from China as they are struggling to make profits with other top notch manufacturers shipping out similar specced smartphones with lower price tags.

However, have it in mind that this news has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer themselves so we would urge you to treat the above information with the proverbial pinch of salt. China is a very large market and having LG cancel any plans of heading over there is seems impossible but based on the facts present above, it might just be true.

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