Rumored: Google Reportedly Working on A Nexus Tablet

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With the smartphone market pumping out new devices almost on a daily basis, you might think everyone that needs a phone has already got one. This is not the case as some users prefer certain types of the devices mostly because there is certain software that only a particular manufacturer can provide and a case in point Google’s Nexus line of devices.

These handsets are the brainchild of Google but usually manufactured by other OEMs like LG and Huawei. Nexus handsets have the benefit of usually being the first devices that receive any new Android software updates.

The anticipation for Google’s next iteration of handsets this year is off the charts as people eagerly await news about what kind of hardware these devices will come equipped with.


According to new reports, it would appear that Google will be launching tablet oriented devices as well but few details are given concerning what sort of internals it will have, only that it will have 4GB of memory and exclusively manufactured by Huawei.

A more recent report from stated that the device will feature a 7-inch display that has a Quad HD resolution. There will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 CPU, 64GB of internal storage and 13MP camera.


Google are reportedly on the verge of completely dropping the Nexus moniker for its devices and with Huawei recently securing a Trademarked name “Huawei P7,”it is very likely that the upcoming Google devices will feature a different name.

The search giant is expected to launch a long list of devices on October 4th and ledger is said to include 4K capable Chromecasts, Daydream VR headsets and so much more and it is likely that company will shed more light on the tablet.

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