Revols Is a Premium Custom-Fit Wireless Earpiece Project On Kickstarter At $200

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Ever since the establishment of Kickstarter in the year 2009, over 257,000 projects have been funded through the help of $9.4 million backers in pledges of over $1.9 billion on the project funding site.

Kickstarter features creative projects such as but not limited to films, music, stage shows, technology, video games, comics, etc.

One of the newest tech related projects on Kickstarter is an “automatic operating earphone” (Revols earbuds) whose main selling point is its shapeshifting buds that would take the exact form of your inner-ear when you plug them in for the first time which of course, is the first of its kind.

In just 60 seconds, this Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones would take its form inside your ears —  thanks to the proprietary nano compounds that form a gel-like material (which the earbuds are made of). You only need to get it activated with the Smartphone guided app once it’s placed in your ears, after which the earbuds form a soft gel which molds into the contours of your ears automatically and retains the permanent form.

Daniel Blumber, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Revols said, “our ears are as unique as our fingerprints” which was solely what inspired their creation of what you may call a revolutionary earpiece.

revols 60 secss customization

revols form in the ear

Revols tagged its premium earbuds as “the last earphones you’ll ever need” and we will know for sure by mid next year if the product can truly live up to its claim.

Revols earbuds


Revols earbuds

The built-in battery will keep you running for at least 8hours; coupled with the detachable battery, you will be getting an extra 6hours of playback time which sums up to a total of 14hours on a single charge.

revols battery backup

Revols is also not settling for less stellar audio tech for its earbuds as the company is going to be partnering with Onkyo (which is a big audio company located in Japan with decades of experience in sound and its production).

Jason Sausto, Board director of Onkyo said: “These earphones have the potential to be truly game changing. Everyone wants a custom fit but right now the cost and complexity are still too high. With our IE-C series in Japan, Onkyo began to address this. Revols will take it to the next level and we’re proud to be their partner for the acoustic design”

Revols earbuds

Revols will also feature sporty rubber edges with different color options that will add a personalized look to your earphone and also protect it from minor accidents. Below is the link to the Kickstarter page and the lowest perk currently available is at $200.

Revols on Kickstarter

Would you be backing the Revols earbuds project? Do you think it ‘s worth the price? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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