Review: ALLreLi Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Running & Sports

One of the major reasons I avoid music while working out or going for a run is that my earbuds always tangle up and drop or get pulled somehow. Hence, if I must listen to music, I prefer wireless bluetooth earbuds for comfort and convenience.

Over the past one month I’ve had the opportunity to use a great pair of such earbuds from aLLreLi, and I have to say the company and its products deserve more exposure.

When I got the earbuds in the mail, I didn’t expect too much for the $40 I paid for them, but the packing, though minimal, was surprisingly not too bad and the buds came with everything, from ear hooks to a USB charging cable and a user manual to walk you through setting them with your Android.

aLLReLi Bluetooth Earbuds 1

I charged mine for a bit before using them – the charging cable plugs just under the right ear bud, under a flap you can pull out. Once the cable is connected with a laptop or any other powering device, a light on the ear bud turns on, indicating that it is being charged.

Similarly, when the charging is complete, the light changes to indicate that and you can take off the earbuds to use them. Charging them to full capacity took roughly around 2 hours, after which I paired them with my Android phone by turning on bluetooth discovery and pressing the power button on the panel along the cord between the two buds.

aLLReLi Bluetooth Earbuds 2

I tried pairing the earbuds with various phones, including Android and Blackberry devices and it worked successfully with all of them. I also paired the earbuds with my laptop via Bluetooth and they worked really well with it too.

Sound quality on the earbuds was pretty decent and volume controls on the cord panel worked fine. However, I did find the earbuds lacking in terms of bass output, but then that was to be expected at this price point.

I personally didn’t find the lack of bass to be a problem because these are more of a utility item for me than earbuds I expected high fidelity audio from.

In terms of useability, the earbuds were easy to put on and stayed on quite firmly even during runs. They do have a curved shape to allow for better placement, and the rubber tips are not slippery, so even if you are sweating, the ear buds don’t really slip out.

The wire connecting both earbuds will also be long enough for most people and you also get a small adjustment clip that you can use to bundle the wire on one side.

aLLReLi Bluetooth Earbuds 2

One of the best feature about this earbud however is that you can pair it with not one but two devices at a time. So basically you can pair it with your laptop and your phone, and listen to music from the laptop in one earbud and take a call on the other.

The right earbud comes with a build-in microphone as well, and call quality during our tests was decent, without a lot of echo or noise.

Sadly though, there is no water resistance rating for these ear buds (something we thought would be present after we reviewed these Water Resistant Bluetooth Speakers). However, the earphones are durable and haven’t given up despite a couple of falls and tugs.

aLLReLi Bluetooth Earbuds 2

Battery life on these Bluetooth powered earbuds is also quite decent and I was able to get up to 5 hours of music and movie audio playback on them and according to their website, talk time on the phone is close to that as well.

All in all, if you’re looking for a hassle-free, comfortable and convenient wireless pair of earbuds, you can go with aLLreLi’s S370 Bluetooth V4.0 Stereo Earbuds, which are available on sale for just $39.99.

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We’d also love to hear your thoughts on this item if you’ve tried it. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to comment below and ask us as well.

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