Remote Control Cars: The Types to Consider Before You Buy

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Are you an RC enthusiast looking to buy a remote control car? These cars are available in different designs with various features which merit consideration before purchase. This article aims to help you make an informed choice when it comes to buying a remote control car.

We’ll list the different types of remote control cars below, but here is a quick list of some of the most important features to consider:

  • A solid construction
  • Ease of use
  • Clear operating instructions from the manufacturer
  • Certification by the relevant industry experts

Remote control cars, also referred to as RC cars, are classified into the following categories.

Power Mechanism of the Car

Oil Move RC Car

The oil move RC is powered by a fuel engine. Fuel-powered engines are very powerful and can store a sizeable amount of fuel. The trade-off is that Oil Move RCs are difficult to maintain, requiring regular work, which isn’t cheap.

Electric RC Car

As the name suggests, this type of RC car is powered by an electric motor which uses a battery to function. You can expect impressive overall operating efficiency and acceleration. In addition, this type of vehicle is easy to maintain. Simply make sure you pay attention to the transmission parts.

Granted, this type of car is easy to service, but maintenance doesn’t come cheap. Because this car heavily relies on motor and battery power, consumption levels of both parts are extremely high. As a result, you have to budget for costs associated with numerous electronic speed control and remote equipment repairs.

Shape of the Vehicle


An SUV is considered a flat road variant which is known for its high-speed performance. But to maintain this impressive performance level, it needs constant maintenance of the suspension and vehicle steering aspects.

This type of RC car will need upgrades in torque servo steering gear to maintain its performance.

Monster Truck

Monster trucks are another type of RC flat road car and are characterized by large wheels and suspension. There are basically two types which are classified according to their speeds:

  • Climb monster truck: As the name suggests, this type is designed to climb rugged roads. In order to maintain its stability and meet the torques, it must travel at a low speed. Also, this vehicle requires regular maintenance.
  • Ordinary monster truck: This is the normal monster truck which can travel at high speeds. It also requires regular maintenance but not as much as its climb monster counterpart.

Closing Thoughts

Buying an RC car of any type is a sizeable investment. Make sure you research the different models before making your final pick. Reading Dronethusiast RC car reviews can give you the necessary insight you need and help make your decision-making process easier.

Remember to pick a car that you’ll not only find easy to operate but maintain too.

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