Previewing Jide’s Remix OS 2.0 – Android Reimagined for the Desktop

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For those who don’t know about it, Remix OS is a collaborative effort of over a hundred engineers led by three Ex-Googler’s (Jeremy Chau, David Ko, and Ben Luk) to bring Android to the desktop.

Android is a subsidiary of Linux and its everywhere. Its dominance is unmatched and its growth is ever rapid and uncontrollable. We have for a long time experienced the limitless capabilities of this operating system and we have longed for it to make its presence in the PC space noticeable.

After several but failed or not necessarily successful attempts at getting Android on the desktop, the folks at Jide Tech nailed it with their Remix OS, which they say is Android reimagined for the desktop.

Remix OS is a essentially a new take on Android for the desktop with unmatched features. The latest update which is Remix OS 2.0 promises so much more and we are earnestly anticipating its release.

“The innovative features we’ve brought to Remix OS 2.0 have been meticulously engineered to bring you the best of both worlds – the harmonious fusion of a mobile and desktop experience,” is the official statement of the folks behind the OS.

Below is a sneak peak demo video that first showcased what 2.0 was to come with and this was released during its Remix Mini project on Kickstarter (I am a proud backer of which).

The list makes up the main features baked into the Remix experience from 1.0 to the yet-to-be-released 2.0.

Multitasking like never before

Remix OS breathes a new life into Android with its multitasking capabilities. This has for a long time been anticipated on Android and Remix 2.0 takes multitasking to a whole new level. the latest demo of the operating system on the Remix Mini, shows Skype, Mxplayer, and Excel all running at the same time just like a regular desktop with your traditional OS.

We assume that the newest demo of Remix 2.0 would be an interface that is especially suited for a true desktop experience on the Remix Mini mainly because it lacked apps spread-out like the earlier demo, which we feel tends to linger more on a better UI experience for tablets and convertibles.

There’s no official statement from Jide about the two separate interfaces they showcased but it is highly likely that our assumption is correct. Given the time that the second demo was released, Jide revealed that they were optimizing the operating system for the Remix Mini.

Added to multitasking is the ability to resize windows which is available as an experimental feature in 1.5 and it is finally coming properly with 2.0.

Sometime in July, I personally got in touch with the guys over Remix OS and discussed new developments and upcoming features. You can check out our conversation below.

convo 1 remix os

convo 2 remix os

convo 3 remix os

A Taskbar

You will agree with us that a modern OS without a taskbar is rather incomplete. The taskbar is a key part of an operating system and it was one of the first things the people behind Remix OS worked hard on implementing. You can now have apps pinned to the taskbar like you would on your Windows PC.

You have a system tray on the right and start menu on the left as seen on most operating systems today. The taskbar will also enable you to manage all your system settings and connectivity seamlessly.

remix os multiple desktops

Notification Center

I would personally commend the Jide engineers here or whoever it was that suggested a change in direction with the notification center. If you were following the progress of Remix OS from 1.0, you’d notice that it featured a drop down notification center that would fill the whole screen when dropped down.

We were a bit concerned how well this notification center would work with the Remix Mini since it was meant to replace your desktop. Thankfully, the notification center was given a complete makeover such that it is in line with the standard of today. It is a look-alike of the Charms Bar in Windows 8 when expanded, Action center in Windows 10 and some Linux DEs (Desktop environments).

remix os notification

A File Manager

A desktop operating system is incomplete without some means of navigating about the system. Remix OS actually features one of the most advanced file managers on Android which comes with some amazing features.

As opposed to Es-file explorer and the likes currently available for you on Android, the Remix file manager supports advanced features like drag and drop, multiple instances, external storage support and network drives.

According to Jide, “one of the things Remix OS doesn’t require you to do could be one of its best features. With its intuitive interface, our File Manager comes with an amazing collection of functionalities that makes sure you never need to worry about where your files are stored. Access, transfer, and save files like never before on Android so you can focus on what you create rather than where to look for it”.

remix os file manager

Google Play Store support

Worried about apps? Don’t be. Remix OS is Google Play certified! With over 1.5 million apps on the Play Store, you are open to a limitless world of endless possibilities; be it work or play.

The Engineers at Jide tech are continually optimizing the operating system for your favorite games or apps and they are almost there. Right now, the Operating System claims a high percentage compatibility with apps on the Play Store.

remix os google play store

Office Suite support

Jide Tech doesn’t just want you to use their Ultra-tablet and Remix Mini as a casual home or gaming device; they also want you to use it for work.

“Whether you’re creating a report or making those last second edits to a presentation, Remix OS is there for you with Office for Android. We know Office compatibility is integral to your work experience. And so, we made sure Remix OS could give you everything you need for a job well done.”


remix os office



Whenever a new OS pops up, we tend to worry on not just how updates will be delivered but also how soon.

Remix OS updates are made simple. The operating system features a dedicated OTA (over the air) updater that will automatically bring you the latest and greatest version of their software which will be constantly improved every two weeks.

remix os update

The updates will provide bug fixes and introduce new features to your OS without hampering anything. They also promise that there won’t be any delays and you’ll get the updates as soon as they are released.

Shortcut mapping

Whatever the type of PC user you might be, chances are you must have had the need to use one or two keyboard shortcut every once in a while.

Remix OS is fully compatible with the most used keyboard shortcuts that you use with your preferred applications on other platforms. These key shortcuts will work seamlessly with your favorite Android apps as well now.

REMIX OS keyboard

Here it what Jide Tech has to say about your mouse too. “The right-click done right. While a mouse is designed to give you added precision, it can also always give you more functionality. We’ve given the right-click back to you on Android. Access additional features to your beloved apps using the right-click throughout Remix OS”.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jide Tech and Remix OS, take a look at the timeline below or visit the official Remix OS website.

remix over the years from 2013

We at TDR are all excited about the Remix OS on the Remix Mini. What do you guys think about it? Will you be getting one when it becomes available? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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