Pre-Order This War of Mine for Android and Get PC Version Free

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If you pre-order the highly rated “This War of Mine” video game’s Android version, 11 Bit Studios will throw in a PC copy completely free.

This is actually a great deal because the game’s PC version on Steam currently costs $19.99, while you can pre-order the Android version for just $9.99.

If you aren’t familiar with it, This War of Mine is not your typical war game. You don’t play a soldier with a gun and there is no action involved per se. Instead, the game is designed to highlight the plight of war victims, people whose lives are uprooted due to the violence men wage against other men.

The game’s music, visuals and ambiance is spot-on and does not glorify war and violence. When you’re playing This War of Mine, you can’t help but feel the tension, pressure and depression of living in a war ravaged country.

The gameplay basically revolves around your small group of people, holed up in a beat property, patching up windows and creating rain-water filters and make-do kitchen stoves for survival.

This War of Mine Android and PC Free Download

Everything comes down to resources and scavenging for them, and therein lies the game’s core strength. You get to leave the safety of your house at night (after having decided which group members will get to sleep and which will keep guard) and choose a neighboring area to explore and find necessary items like food, wood, gas, medicine and cigarettes.

This War of Mine Android Minimum Requirements

Needless to say, you’re not alone in the world and will routinely come across people when you go scavenging. While some of the people will be harmless, others won’t be so passive and may even pick a fight with you or downright shoot you to death as you try to run away with those last scraps of food.

Even if everything is as hunky dory as can be, your group members will begin to get depressed without any entertainment and good news. The dropping temperature, uncomfortable beds, illnesses without meds and lack of coffee or cigarettes will slowly but surely get to your group, leading to in-fighting, blame-games and worse.

This War of Mine Android and PC Free Download

All in all, its a delicate balance that you aim to achieve in the game, resting each member, ensuring that your stash is safe, protecting the group and maintaining a supply of all the necessary items for survival.

Even with minimal graphics, the game tends to grow on you with time and you can’t help but be drawn into its grim but realistic world.

I personally spent hours playing This War of Mine, and even thought I ended up losing eventually every time, the game keeps you coming back for more.

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth the money, you might want to check out its ratings on Steam (10/10), Metacritic (4/5) and Gamespot (8/10).

If simple but mentally stimulating games challenge you, I highly recommend that you pre-order This War of Mine for Android and get the PC version completely free. Just click on the link below to visit 11 Bit Studios’ pre-order page for the game.

Pre-Order This War of Mine for Android

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