Pokemon Go Maps Help Players Find Rarest Pokemon Locations

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Pokemon Go has reached new heights of popularity, bringing together scores of people around the world, most of whom swear by the positive changes the game has brought to their lives.

Given how several apps and whole websites have sprouted off the game’s growth, it is no surprise that people have started sharing info and tips for catching the rarest Pokemons, which is kind of the point of the game.

Since the locations of Pokemons in the game are matched with real world locations of varying significance like landmarks and tall buildings, the quest for the rarest Pokemons has led people to create Pokemon Go Maps for various parts of the world and here we’re going to share some of the maps with you.

#1. Pokecrew Pokemon Go Map

The guys over at Pokecrew have a nice Pokemon Go Map but it’s majorly focussed around the San Francisco area for now.

Pokecrew Pokemon Map

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#2. Google Maps Pokemon Go Map

Here’s a custom Pokemon Go map made with Google Maps, called Gotta Catch’em All and it has a lot of Pokemon locations but caters to the area around Boston for now.

Pokemon Go Google Maps

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#3. Pokemapper Pokemon Go Map

Pokemapper is a complete project dedicated to mapping all the Pokemon locations around the world but is currently populated with sightings in western Europe and North America.Pokemon Go Pokemapper

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Do you guys have any tips on finding the rarest Pokemons? The whole idea behind the game is that of discovery, making the process fun and getting physical activity alongside. We do however want to point out that safe use of the game is very important as several accidents have been reported lately while people were distracted by the game.

If the game gets you out of the house and walking around, it’s all good. But don’t forget about enjoying the natural beauty around you either.

In case you are facing the issue of Pokemon Go not being available in your country, you can checkout our post here to download it on your phone.

We hope these Pokemon Go maps help you find the best, legendary and rare Pokemon locations near you. Please comment below and share your own suggestions and experiences as well.

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