Playster Android App – Alternative Books and Music Library?

It’s been said that books have the power to wash away the dust of everyday life from the soul. Playster completely understands this. Hence, it offers its users a plethora of ebooks and audiobooks with zero restrictions. Whatever book you’re searching for, you will surely find it there.

Unlike other ebook and audiobook providers, Playster will not place any limits on how much you read and will not charge you per title. Just by subscribing, you will receive access to unlimited ebooks and audiobooks – all in one app and all for one flat monthly price.

Playster - Audiobooks, Books & Music
Playster - Audiobooks, Books & Music
  • Playster - Audiobooks, Books & Music Screenshot
  • Playster - Audiobooks, Books & Music Screenshot
  • Playster - Audiobooks, Books & Music Screenshot

Type the book’s name in the search bar. Within a few seconds, it will pop up on your screen. Click on the book you’re interested in and it will open right away. Enjoying ebooks and audiobooks on Playster is as easy as that.

A monthly book subscription will cost just $9.95 and allow you to listen to and read everything you want, both online and offline too.

Reading ebooks within the app will allow you to adjust brightness, font size and bookmark any pages you like, making you feel like you’re holding the real book in your hands.

Playster Library Titles

The titles available in the Playster library are truly wide-ranging. From New York Times Best Sellers to indie releases, there are countless books to choose from and they span all kinds of genres for every type of reader, mood and occasion. Thriller novels, short stories, romantic ebooks – their e-library is packed with options for readers of all ages.

If a particular ebook isn’t available, you will surely find it as an audiobook within Playster’s catalog. You can search for titles easily by author, name and genre.

If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for or you just want to discover something new, you can take a look at their playlists and mood-based sorting features.

Standout Features

From the reviews we found many readers like the audiobook section especially, as major competitors like Audible do not offer users unlimited access to their audiobook library. With Playster, there is no such problem.

That’s right: You will no longer have to worry about using up your credits too fast or having to choose just one or two books a month.

The font size and brightness of the ebooks can easily be adjusted for the perfect reading experience that caters to your individual needs.

The best part? Playster is compatible with all web-enabled devices and you can access it effortlessly from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The app is wonderfully designed and totally user-friendly, plus it lets you enjoy ebooks and audiobooks offline, which is perfect when you’re traveling or commuting to work.

You can follow Playster @PlaysterMedia or sign up for a 30-day free trial to gain instant access to Playster’s full library and see if it’s right for you.

Have you used Playster before? If so, share your thoughts and feedback with us via the comments below.

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