Pixel 2 Not Detecting Voice Input Over Bluetooth, Pixel 2 XL Users Report Unresponsive Edges

Here we are yet again, talking about another issue found on Google’s “failed’’ (as some people would call it) latest flagship device that is no different from its predecessors.

If there’s one thing Google has become widely known for, is a host of unending problems surrounding its Pixel devices.

Quite frankly, some us are just tired of having to hear users complain about the issues they are facing with their Pixel devices that the company touted to be of high quality.

We’ve had about enough of all these so-called top-end companies that have become quite crafty with the release of ”worthless” handsets.

Considering all the issues that came with Google’s previous generation Pixel devices, one would be thinking that the company would finally climb the redemption ladder with its latest Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets.

To our disappointment, the latest Pixel devices have also been linked with several issues that are gradually piling up and becoming more unbearable.

This latest one comes, as users are claiming that the preloaded Google Assistant doesn’t work when they use it through Bluetooth headphones.

This time around, a significant number of Pixel fans have reported similar issue compare to other times before. Just as you’ve guessed it, the company has promised to release a fix for the issue as soon as possible.

As if that isn’t enough, some Pixel 2 XL users have also reported an issue with unresponsive display edges on their units

Further apologizing for any inconvenience, Google has promised that users should expect a rollout fix for both issues with its next software update. Haven’t we heard that line before?

Some analysts are claiming that the issue is as a result of a bug which disables the microphone of the headphones following a connection established with the Assistant feature. Until the company reveals the software update for the issue, we don’t have any more detail as of now.

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