Original Snake Game Creator Releasing Snake Rewind for Android

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If you had a Nokia phone back when they were still at the top, you’ve probably played Snake, the game where you move a makeshift snake around, add new blocks to it and make it longer till you hit a wall. Well, the original creator of that game, Tenli Armanto, will be releasing a sequel for Android soon.

The new game, titled Snake Rewind, features the same gameplay but with several modern elements like improved visuals and sounds. You still have to move your snake around, add new blocks, pick up fruits (boosts) and avoid walls.

While the “rewind” aspect sounds cool, it’s basically a revive or continue option, where you’ll forfeit your reserve of lives to continue after crashing into a wall.

There are a total of ten levels in Snake Rewind, and the visuals are all unique with outstanding background music. The game will definitely bring back old memories for a lot of people, because the original Snake was among the most popular and recognized mobile games back in the day.

Snake Rewind for Android is expected to be available on the Play Store for download on May 11th. Will you be looking forward to its release? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the game and how well you think it will be received.



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