Oppo R11 Begins To Show Up online

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Whilst Oppo’s R9 series of devices is still making cash for the company, they have now shifted a bit of their attention to something that would be even better and that is none other than the recently rumored Oppo R11.

After the R9 it is normal that the next in line should be the R10, however, Oppo has skipped a number and the next device that is said to come from this series would be the Oppo R11. The reasons however, we still do not know, might be that they don’t just fancy numerical order or that they just trying to let us know that the next handset would be two times better than the R9 series of devices.oppo-r11

Nonetheless, as we said, we are still not sure about the above information, so be sure to treat it with the proverbial pinch of salt. As of now, we know that two variants would be shipped out with the moniker Oppo R11 and Oppo R11 Plus with a 5.5 inch and a 6 inch display respectively.


One niche addition would be the present of dual camera on both the top of the front panel and the top of the back panel as well. The 5X optical zooming capability Oppo unveiled at the Mobile World’s Congress is also said to make an appearance on this device which would in turn make it one of the best handsets for taking photos with.


The handset would be powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 660 processor that would have four big cores running at speeds of 2.2GHz whereas the remaining smaller cores would be clocked at speeds of 1.9GHz. More details on this handset would be dished out in the few coming weeks and we are sure that it would meet success like its predecessors did.

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