Opera Ad Blocking Feature Coming to Android Devices

Opera is well known for its light weight nature and easy on bandwidth traffic. Developed and maintained by Opera software company, it is available on almost every platform including both Android and iOS.

Recently, Opera software has been adding some new interesting features to the desktop version of the web browser and most notable among them is the inclusion of an Ad blocking feature embedded within the browser forfeiting the need for users to download and install third party ad blocking software.

Ad blocking seem to be on a very rapid rise as users look for ways to surf the Internet without having to deal with intrusive ads posted on the web sites they want to visit.
Opera Browser logo

According new reports, Opera software is looking into the possibility of porting its data saving feature to Android devices.

This will come as a pleasant addition especially for those that use Opera as their default web browser as it will give them the ability to easily block ads on web pages without the need to download any additional third party apps.

Other notable features that comes with Opera mobile web browser includes video compression which compresses YouTube videos allowing users to watch without spending much of their mobile data.

opera adblocker android hero

Browse anonymously using private tabs to go incognito anywhere on the internet without leaving a trace on your device.
Easy on device hardware by The tab switcher uses less memory and makes it easier to switch between your tabs while you browse.

The Ad blocking feature can be turned on by heading over to the settings >Data Savings>Activating “block ads”

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