OnePlus 5 Users Complain of Unwanted Push Notifications With Advertisements

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Just recently, we saw OnePlus 5 users complaining about an emergency call reboot issue that got a lot of OnePlus fans aggravated.

This behavioral pattern is not new as OnePlus 5 handset has been experiencing all kinds of issues the day it was launched.

While OnePlus keeps pushing out hot fixes and updates to have the problems solved, looks like the company might have to push out another fix for this issue.

The latest issue arises with OnePlus 5 consumers complaining about unwanted push notifications that one report confirms is being pushed by OnePlus to many OnePlus 5 users.

Notably, One user couldn’t wait for the company to respond and went on to post a workaround to avoid these push notifications from OnePlus.

The user reportedly claims that the said notifications from the Push system application can be blocked from within OxygenOS and avoid receiving the adverts in the future.

For those interested can simply go to Settings -> Apps -> 3 Dots Menu -> Show system apps -> Push -> Notifications -> Block all Notifications on their OnePlus 5 smartphone.

According to the user that posted the work around, the whole process works perfectly well on the Open Beta 9, but the same can’t be said for other devices.

In a response to the issue, OnePlus stated clearly that the notification was not intended as an advertisement but rather a user survey to OnePlus 5 consumers.

Nevertheless, OnePlus 5 users don’t seem to be entertaining these notifications that have caused a lot agitation for most users.

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