OnePlus 3T: Official Dates and Corresponding Markets Set For the Release of The Device

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It’s become a norm how fast the firm One plus drops updated phones within the space of few months. Just some few months back, 5months to be precise, they stormed the market with the Oneplus 3: coupled up with Snapdragon 820 system chip, a refined design, and 6GB of RAM.

However, they haven’t given any chance for setbacks. Just recently they unveiled the new and updated Oneplus 3T. This time it comes with a snapdragon 821 chip. This chip has a quad-core that enables it to run faster than previous ones. It also has two battery-savvy cores running at a speed of 1.6GHZ. Now with such a speed, apps load faster, smooth scrolling and web browsing performance is all achievable.


Other phones like the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel XL 128GB model variants all have the snapdragon 821, yet the Oneplus 3T is way cheaper than them, so why spend more when you could spend less and get the same thing you need. For instance, the Oneplus 3T costs $439 / €439 / £399 while the other phones cost up to $869.


Anyways, the phone is set to be out in November 22nd in the United States and Canada, November 28th in the United Kingdom and Europe, Coming later on (no release date announced) to India.

Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t support CDMA which means it can’t access sprint and Verizon wireless network; however, it supports AT&T and T-Mobile with full support for their 4G LTE bands. In summary, users should really get this phone and if you are using Android you really have to make the switch.

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