Omate Launched a Crowdfunding Program For an Amazon Alexa-Powered Robot

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Yumi, a 3-wheeled, almost 1-foot high robot is powered by Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant and created by Omate.

Although it won’t be the first of its kind because earlier this year Asus unveiled Zenbo a $599 robot with almost the same features and also a robot Jibo which raised $3.7 million dollars in a crowd funding campaign in 2014.


The features of this robot include a 37.2 Wh battery, 1GB of RAM a micro-USB port, Bluetooth, Wifi and a quad-core cortex-A53 processor.

The robot will allow anyone to create android Apps for the Robot, will have a 5 Inch, 1280 x 720 pixel touch screen display which displays information, will run an Android software allowing it to work as an Android Tablet and it will include features such as mic, display and speakers which will help it to serve as a video conferencing system.

It would be playing music, respond to voice commands and answer questions as well. Transfer of videos and songs to a television would be possible because it supports HDMI functionality. Its three wheels will make it possible for it to turn towards you when using it, but it should be noted that a sensor won’t be present in the robot.

The robot is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2017 with a final retail price of $599 but $349 or more would be allowed to be pledged during the crowd funding program which will start from 15th November.

What do you guys think of this robot? Will you be getting one for your home?

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