NVIDIA SHIELD Welcomes Apple TV to the Arena…Not

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Apple recently released the upgraded Apple TV box and the folks over at NVIDIA really want you to reconsider your decision before you go out to buy one.

In a post on the NVIDIA SHIELD blog, the company not only welcomed Apple to the arena but also gave a rundown of why you, the consumer, should think carefully before choosing between Apple TV and Android TV, ala NVIDIA SHIELD.

To Apple’s credit, the new Apple TV is a rather reinvented box that features a new OS, TV apps and can also act as a living room gaming device.

While both NVIDIA and Apple are far from the only OEMs in the market, their devices are currently the most high-tech and offer advanced features others don’t.

New Apple TV

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made known to us that ‘the future of Television is TV apps’, which is what Android TV has adopted for a while now.T he Apple TV is not a disappointment though, as it has every feature you will find on most other TV boxes and more, except the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV.

Even though Apple TV features a touch-sensitive panel, remote control and a built-in microphone for the functionality of Siri, NVIDIA’s SHIELD has all that and more, including voice search, voice commands and even 4K video support, something that the Apple TV does not.

The guys at NVIDIA also made sure gamers looking for streaming and cord-cutting options know that the SHIELD is the best set-top gaming box, with support for not only Android games but also AAA PC titles like GTA V thanks to GRID and GameStream.

Even though cloud-gaming technology doesn’t have mainstream appeal, it still sets apart NVIDIA SHIELD from your run-of-the-mill TV box and the company makes sure you know it.

They even put together a nifty little infographic to help you choose your next TV box:

Nvidia Shield compared with Apple TV Features

What do you guys think about NVIDIA SHIELD compared to the Apple TV? Do you approve of NVIDIA’s marketing tactic, and most importantly, will you prefer the NVIDIA SHIELD over the Apple TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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