Nokia and Apple Go Head to Head In Legal Battles

If a giant i the Tech Industry falls, it takes them long to rise, but for the rising Giants, Nokia, the odds seem to be in their favor as they have been appearing online for a while now since the announcement of their new Android flagship smartphone which should hit the shelves soonest.

However, this time around, this OEM isn’t on the news with regards to any new smartphone coming in from there makes, but, they in collaboration with their recently acquired Alcatel-Lucent have filled a law suit against the Cupertino based Tech Giant, Apple.


The folks over at Nokia believe that the up to 32 of their patents have been infringed by the Fruit Company which has led them into taking legal action in the US and Germany. The law suit filed on German soil still remain secretive but that of the US were done in a court in the eastern part of Texas.


According to Nokia, the patents Apple copied included video coding, software, processors, UIs, displays amongst many other technologies. All of these which Nokia claims are presently being featured on every single iPhone smartphone starting from the recently launched iPhone 7 to iPhone 3GS.

Same also for their Tablets, wearables and TV, all have been said to have infringed on Nokia’s Patents. From the Alcatel-Lucent Patent, Nokia says that Apple also copied their design in the form of Apple Siri featured in iOS 10.


Well, it is not only Nokia that is throwing punches as Apple had also taking to stand at the federal court in San Jose, to sue the Finnish based Startup for distributing most of its patents to PEA –patent assertion companies — so that they can “maximize the aggregate royalties that can be extracted from product companies”

From the looks of things, there seems to be repetition of another massive patent war between the two and it doesn’t look like it is going to end anytime soon, so brace yourselves.

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