Ninja Says Fortnite Isn’t Fun Anymore

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Ninja is the face of Fortnite and has gained massive popularity streaming battle royale titles like PUBG, H1Z1, and Fortnite. However, in a recent stream, he criticized Epic Games for ignoring bugs and issues in the game, and said he isn’t having fun anymore.

As shown in the video above, Ninja can be clearly seen ‘freaking out’ over freezes and lag, and calls out the devs for ignoring updates, due to which the game is ‘slowly deteriorating’.

Fortnite took off initially due to its casual graphics, drawing people in, and has since undergone several updates to its graphics, causing major performance issues for budget gamers. Now, if you want to get high-frame rates in the game, you need to get some of the best graphics cards for Fortnite, and add a high refresh-rate monitor to your setup if you take the game seriously.

The increasing competition is also a result of several cash-prize tournaments and success stories, encouraging young gamers to take a shot at eSports as careers.

While Ninja’s frustration may not be without reason, it is more of an exaggeration when people talk about Fortnite dying. It is a solid game with a very strong user base and is unlikely to die off just like that.

Even top-tier titles like Apex Legends haven’t been able to give Fortnite real competition, and ultimately, in my opinion, Fortnite’s own biggest rival is Fortnite, since no matter which direction the game takes, it will be tough to keep older players happy about changes while ensuring the game remains exciting for newer entrants.

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