New Rumors Say That the Xiaomi Much Might Be Much Cheaper Than We Expect

It has been long since the rumored Xiaomi smartwatch has said to be in its manufacturing process, probably last year, and they have announced that this device will be made official in September this year.

The release of this smartwatch has been the headline of many leaks and teasers and it will come with great features, the company regards this device as one of the highly anticipated devices.

Xiaomi smartwatch render
However, as we keep waiting to see what the rumored device will be like, some photos and renders which we have seen above has given us a lot of ideas as to what the devices should come and the price the company would tagged the watch whenever it comes flushing out.

Furthermore we recently heard from the famous industry analyst Pan Jiutang, who said that there is a possibility that the smartwatch will be priced lesser than $150 which sounds surprising as the rumored watch will come equipped with a lot more and deserves a higher price tag.

Xiaomi smartwatch weibo
This information was actually said secretly via a post on the weibo website and also added that the device will sport a price tag which will be much cheaper in price than Garmin smartwatches. Also, the Xiaomi smartwatch is said to feature a display larger than the previous Band 2 which the company released last month.

And they have said to focus on one function, though they are more careful in related issues with health. As the date of the release is getting closer, more specs and feature are likely to equip the smartwatch.

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