New HTC One M9 Ad Released – Watch it & Tell Us What You Think

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The new HTC One M9 just got a new advertisement, which we feel focuses more on style than substance. The advertisement fails to convey what makes the HTC One M9 special as three different scenarios are shown.

The first one has some young students taking funny snaps at a museum, the second has a man who is, very dangerously I may add, rollerskating on a busy sidewalk and sharing stuff with his M9 (don’t try this in real life please), and the third is about a girl turning on music on her M9 to save a party when the power goes out.

The background music tries to give you a peppy feel about the device, but we feel the ad doesn’t do justice to the M9 and should have instead focused on the device, its aesthetics and actual features like the ads Samsung is known to make.

The ad ends with a rather cliched line – “You only get one life, live it”. What do you think about this? Does the commercial arouse your interest in the M9 and persuades you enough to get it? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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