New Elephone Earpiece, The Ele Whisper Brings Hi-fi and Noise Cancellation Technology

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There is one common trend noticed amongst most Chinese smartphone OEMs and this is the fact that majority of them also have their hands caught up with other goods, just as we saw Xiaomi working on a Crowdfunding for a pillow and LeEco working on an electric vehicle called LeSee.

This, however, doesn’t exclude the well know smartphone maker, Elephone – who we have to thank for the first truly bezel-less smartphone, the Elephone P9000 – as we have seen them also shift their attention from the smartphone spectrum to other markets like the camera space with their EleCam.

Elephone ele Whisper

Now, though, this OEM just introduced something new to the market which is tagged with the moniker in-ear Ele Whisper Headphones which has brought the best of two technologies to give you the best earpiece experience.

The Elephone folks have it that this their new headphones would be the starting of a new era as it combines High-Fidelity speakers and the beauty of noise cancellation technology so that the intended users would get a great sound quality without any of it slipping out to the open.

Elephone ele Whisper

The noise cancellation tech being implemented here is the ANR –Aircraft active noise Reduction – technology which is thanks to the manufacturer’s collaboration with China Aerospace. Also included is an accurate noise reduction circuit system and very sensitive microphones as well.

The design of this gadget also plays a major role as we can see it having a perfect ear fitting outlook which with the pretty advanced internal components should produce a high-quality sound and the noise cancellation system gets rid of the normal ambient sound and other interferences which are usually a nuisance on  similar equipment.

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