Netflix Brings Its Virtual Reality Theatre to Google Daydream

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Netflix has recently released its unmatchable virtual reality application for Google Daydream View headsets, granting Google Pixel users an all day long access to films and TV shows from their own virtual theatres. In order to get the best of the app, your phone must be a Daydream-compliant like the Moto Z, the ZTE Axon 7 and Google’s own Pixel handsets.

Netflix VR which has a semblance with the application available for Samsung’s Gear VR headset can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The application is simply designed to let users watch Netflix shows via a virtual reality headset that takes them to a VR home theatre featuring a giant television and fine decoration.

For those that might want to watch while lying down, there’s an option in the settings menu that enables you to change the size and position of the virtual television screen.

Even though many users have been reportedly spotted to boot up the application with a Google Cardboard viewer, the developers of Netflix have stressed that one can only sign in and navigate the app using Daydream View’s default remote control, which only works with the prescribed headset.

As of now, the Netflix VR is reportedly disjoined from the company’s smartphone application and does not support offline viewing, which can only mean that you’ll need a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection in order to stream content in virtual reality.

Even though the Daydream application only works with Google’s very own headset, expansion to other manufacturers that built their headsets using Google’s Daydream specifications should be expected.

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