Mozilla Working Together With Google On Bringing VR To The Web

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Virtual Reality is big business nowadays and people are really getting into it, think of the over 5 million CardBoard viewers shipped since it was first introduced by Google, Oculus’ VR, the Rift asking you shell out over $700 to get one, HTC joining the party with their Vive VR headset which, according to reports got over 15,000 pre-orders within 10 minutes of launch and not forgetting to mention your food being packed into a box that you can turn into a VR headset – crazy right?

At this rate, there is a huge possibility that there will be an equal amount of VR devices and Smartphones. To meet demand, app developers might really need to up their game a few extra notches because as more of these devices hit the streets, the demand for VR apps is expected to skyrocket.


Mozilla corporation is looking to benefit from the VR craze and the makers of the popular Firefox web browser are reportedly working with Google’s Chrome team to establish a WebVR standard. The collaboration has already given birth to a new WebVR API with version 1.0 already released.

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This could open the gates in new ways of using web technology to build high-performance virtual reality experience. The development of the API is in direct response to the ever evolving VR technology and the increasing need to support VR-centric online creation.

The first samples of the API are already available to the public and at the moment, only work in experimental builds for Firefox and Chrome.

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