More than 50% of Motorola Mobility Staffs Lose Their Jobs

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Last two years, we saw the competition in the Chinese market rise high as the Giant PC and Smartphone manufacturer, Lenovo, went on to purchase another well established – yet struggling as at then – OEM, Motorola Mobility to boost their smartphone arm.

Ever since then, we have seen them do quite remarkably in the market with a wide array of smartphones under the Moto Subbrand but that still didn’t stop Lenovo from cutting of a huge chunk of the workers under the Motorola Mobility arm last year.


This year however, the story remains the same as the same OEM has laid of a whole bunch of staff under this same division. The Motorola division had 1,200 staffs working under it and Lenovo has fired up to 700 of these workers according to the news spreading online.

It looks like Lenovo are beginning to put plans in place to move the Motorola Mobility to native China and they are looking for way to reduce as much cost as they can and we have reason to believe that this lay offs is one of their strategies to acquire their plans. However, Lenovo themselves say that they would rather have this Subbrand still operational in Chicago, but only time would tell.

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Once a great name in the smartphone spectrum, Motorola seems to be dying down and now with this huge amount of job lay off, we might just end up hearing the last of this OEM is the next coming year. This however, is just a speculation so kindly treat it with the proverbial grain of salt.

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