More Details on the Soon-to-launch Nokia 3310 Handset Shows Up Online

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Nokia seems to be bagging a large chunk of the smartphone news flying around since 2017 started. With the success of the Nokia 6 handset came the in flock of other soon to launch devices amongst which is the iconic Nokia 3310 handset which would be making a comeback into the market this year.

Since Nokia revealed this information, the Nokia 3310 has been the subject on everyone’s lips which is rather ironic giving the fact that people are now more anticipative and excited for a soon to launch handset that first came to the market more than a decade ago.

This though is not the first time this smartphone has been spotted online as during the past years, we saw some Nokia lovers dish out renders of this device but they were not official. Now that it has been official confirmed by the manufacturers themselves, the fuzz seems to have spread all around the globe as we doubt that there is anyone out there who doesn’t know about the 3310 phone.

Just a little details of this future phone has come out which shows us that the folks over at Nokia has no plans to make major changes to the exterior design of this device. The 3310 can in bulky and heavy and we see that the manufacturers seek to change this as the handset would now be lighter and slimmer, but that doesn’t stop it from being strong and rugged as it was known for.


There would be an increase in screen size as well with a larger display which would in turn be more colorful, nonetheless, we doubt it would have high resolutions which should also mean that the battery would be able to keep the device up and running for many days as it did in years past.

This phone would be going official alongside a few others over at the MWC scheduled for the 26th of February and it would also be made available in different color variants which should include Ash, Grey, Black, Blue amongst a few others.

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