Microsoft’s Support Page Might Have Just Leaked Details on The Upcoming Snapdragon 830

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Qualcomm has been pretty impressive this 2016 so far and up until now their flagship chipset, Snapdragon 820 which is a sublime creation has been the main selling point of many different top-tier smartphones with much more power and support for niche functionalities.

Although it hasn’t been a long time since the first SD820 powered smartphone made it into the market, Microsoft might just have hinted us on a possible new flagship chipset from the Giant processor maker given the tag, MSM8998 chip. Could this be the Snapdragon 830 system on chip?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Chipset for Android

This new development was spotted on the Microsoft’s Support page where the Redmond Giant were publicizing their Windows 10 mobile which is said to work with a range of processor from Qualcomm including the aforementioned, MSM8998 which hasn’t been made official by Qualcomm, YET.

Based on the codenames of their previous flagship processors, — as the SD820 was called MSM8996, whereas the SD810 was dubbed MSM8994 and the SD808 was given the SD9882 moniker – it is worth nothing to also believe this to be the SD830. However, if this doesn’t turn out to be the case, we are still sure that this new chipset is a flagship (probably SD823?) and we should hear more about it pretty soon.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors for Android Phones

Late last year, we covered rumors of the Snapdragon 830 being in tow with supports for up to 8GB of RAM and made based off Samsung’s 10-nm FinFET manufacturing process so seeing it manifest might not turn up as a surprise as people already expect such technology.

Nonetheless, we doubt this processor would make an appearance this year in any smartphone as it is expected to be Qualcomm’s 2017 top-range processor probably making its way to a flagship device from Microsoft’s smartphone arm, the Lumia.

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