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Our mind is where all our memories are stored, however, the tendency for us to forget important moments in our lives still remain high and that why we take pictures, to immortalize some of our memories bringing them back to us at just a single glance.

Furthermore, with the rise of technology, we see that our smartphone and other device do the storage bidding for us as we carry them everywhere we go and mostly even use them to capture some of our memories.

Now however, there is a new app in the block, My Happy, which lets you customize your memories with different options that range from adding text to images, cropping and editing the size and shape of the image and a whole lot more to share them with loved ones.

Just as the name is, My Happy lets you create an original message in the form of an edited image thanks to various helpful easy to use tools that can allow you to change the style of a writing with a long list of font styles and gives you the chance to add already available artworks as well.

What Else Does This App Have To Offer?

Apart from the really fun features listed above, the My Happy messenger also comes in with a whole lot of preloaded templates as you would find any sort you are looking for, ranging from motivational posters, to emotional, to friendship to flirty and the list goes on and on.

You can chose from any of these many posters to send to another person using this same messenger as they would show in your contacts or share with another person using another messenger app like Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Express Yourself Through Your Creative Ability

With various options to chose from when you want to create your own image, you see that the only limitation here is your imagination. After creating something you feel to be worth sharing, you’d have a large audience to share it with.

Messenger by My Happy –Messenger by My Happy –

Show you care to a friend who is in need by sending them motivational messages or let the love of your life know she comes before everyone by daily sending here different love quotes. Share your special moment with your parents by taking a picture and putting some words in them or even go naughty with your spouse with some flirty messages when you’re caught up at work.

Messenger by My Happy –

Messenger by My Happy –


Before today, sharing these types of picture messages was only thought possible via social media sites but now, with the introduction of My Happy, you can send these inspirational quotes with just one tap across different IM apps.

This app has gone out of the blues to bring in a truly unique ability to smartphone users and is a must have for people who want to keep their loved ones close.

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