Mad Dragon Defense Android Game – Four-headed Arcade Action At Its Grueling Best

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Developed by Eliam & Taida Games, Mad Dragon Defense for Android takes a simple concept and adds a whole lot of challenge to it. You’re basically in control of a four-headed dragon which has been roused from its sleep by humans who mistakenly think they can take you down.

As the game progresses, you get control of each head with its own unique powers. The gameplay revolves around you getting rid of the waves of human armies coming your way before they get close enough to hurt you. Even if they do though, your dragon can take a lot of damage before you finally lose the game. Check out the game’s official trailer below to get a quick feel for it.

The shooting mechanics of the game are quite simple as well. You just have to tap on a dragon head you intend to fire with and then swipe back to aim and release to shoot. There is a reloading time involved as well and you’ll need to keep an eye on mana to keep going.

There are daily achievements for you to unlock as well and all the upgrades in the game require “souls”. While the game is completely free to download, it also has in-app purchases and well, as you go along, you’re going to need them.

The good thing is that when you start the game, you’re going to get a lot of useful tips and the interface will provide guidance in terms of playing the game, using items and upgrading powers. We thought this was essential because the overload of content in the game can be overwhelming for beginners.

Mad Dragon Defense for Android

The graphics are very simple, humans are basically stickmen carrying their arsenal of weapons but there is a lot of diversity here and you also get to face multiple bosses, making the game quite challenging. Now that we’re on the topic, let’s talk a little about the difficultly level of Mad Dragon Defense.

To put it simply, the game will frustrate you to the core and you’ll often find yourself quitting it. Mad Dragon Defense will definitely make you quite mad too. But then, there is nothing quite as satisfying as being invaded by batches of enemies on multiple fronts and having an immensely powerful dragon with supernatural powers to bring them to their knees and blow them to oblivion.

Mad Dragon Defense Android

While the game starts slow initially, you’re soon going to find yourself overwhelmed with waves of unrelenting humans and bosses bent upon your destruction. In order to survive, you will need to put your reflexes to the test as you strategise your defense and use your head (literally).

Mad Dragon Defense Android Screenshots

While upgrades are separate, the game also has a shop for items, and the best of these are gear you can buy for your dragon. From headgears to armors and wings, you can not only customize how your dragon looks but also gain additional bonuses like extra life, reduced reload times and extra mana.

Mad Dragon Defense Android

On the sound front, the game’s opening music does a good job of conveying a sense of archaic danger ahead, but the other sound effects are basic and functional, with not a lot of variety. You can save your progress on the cloud to play the game on multiple devices and the developer has also included a feedback option for those of you who want to quickly send a few suggestions.

All in all we think Mad Dragon Defense has a classic arcade action feel to it, which is thoroughly enjoyable if you are up for the challenge. For a free game, it’s definitely worth a download, and once you get a feel for it (and start loving your four-headed dragon) you can opt for in-app purchases to get upgrades and items. Even if you decide not to spend any money on it, Mad Dragon Defense providers a fair share of entertainment.

We strongly recommend that you download Mad Dragon Defense for free via the Play Store link below and let us know what you think of it and how far you manage to go without giving up.

Mad Dragon Defense
Mad Dragon Defense
Price: Free+
  • Mad Dragon Defense Screenshot
  • Mad Dragon Defense Screenshot
  • Mad Dragon Defense Screenshot

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