LG G2 Specs Rundown – A New Challenger in Town?

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After a lot of hype and several leaks, LG recently unveiled their flagship device, the G2, which, by the looks of it, is here to give the major players a run for their money. The G2 comes equipped with everything you would expect a high-end modern phone to have, starting with a huge 5.2 inch display, which according to the manufacturer, is the largest size which can comfortably be used as a phone.

The LG G2 packs a powerful Snapdragon 800 chip, which is clocked at a massive 2.26 Ghz (Quad-core) – put that together with 2 GB RAM, an HD display, virtually no bezels, impressively thin build, a more than capable Adreno 330 GPU, camera sensor specs which are stellar on paper, a huge 3000 mAh battery and several software features and it is clear that LG has primed the G2 for a shakedown!

Specifications LG G2
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
Processor Speed 2.26 Ghz (Quad-core)
Random Access Memory (RAM) 2 GB
Internal Memory 32 GB (No Card Slot)
Display Technology HD-IPS LCD
Display Resolution 1920×1080 (424 ppi)
Screen Size 5.2 Inches
Graphics Processing Unit Adreno 330
Battery 3000 mAh (Non-removable)
Cameras Front and Back (13 & 2.1 MP)
Weight 143 g
Thickness 8.9 mm


The G2 is all plastic, but the battery is not removable and there is no external memory option either. However, the plastic build does not mean the G2 lacks in looks – the device is sleek, especially since it is very thin for its size, and given how there are almost no bezels and buttons on the front, you are basically looking at the display covering the flagship’s face.

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LG has incorporated several use software features, rivaling Samsung’s Galaxy line’s feature set. You can unlock your device into two different modes, one is your own personal account and the other is what LG call the ‘Guest Mode’. This is an excellent idea if you want to handover your phone to a friend or your children but don’t want them accessing all of your content.

Moreover, the G2 boasts a 13 MP rear camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), which is supposed to help capture moving objects with minimum blurring. There are also audio and video zooming features available, allowing you to focus audio recording from one subject as you shoot a video, or zooming into one part of the recording, while the rest of the imagery is also being captured in the background. These features can be extremely useful for people who love making videos and taking photos.

Another very handy feature (previously seen on Nokia devices) is the ability to wake up the screen by tapping on it twice. This can be a life saver if your hands are full and you can’t really pick up the device and press a key to wake up the display.

If all that was not enough, you have to check out the device’s rear to see that LG have relocated the volume keys and a function key to the back. This, they claim, is supposed to make handling a phone this big much more easier and we have to say, the concept is indeed unique. The keys on the back can easily be pressed with the index finger, meaning you don’t have to fiddle with the phone as much when you are using it with one hand.

After all is said and seen, the LG G2 is without a doubt an exciting device. You can get your hands on one in September, and by the looks of it, the phone is gaining popularity by  the day. However, we will have to wait and see whether the G2 will be enough to bring LG among the big players.

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