LeEco Le Pro3, Le S3 Receiving EUI Update With App Drawer, Camera Improvements and More

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Chinese smartphone makers LeEco has finally unveiled app drawer to its Le Pro3 and Le S3 handsets with its latest update rolling out in the next few days.

With this firmware update for the Le Pro3 and Le S3, consumers will not need to see their applications littered across home screens, but instead, can now navigate through them easily using the application drawer located in the app dock right above the “home” button.


According to one report, the software update for company’s Ecosystem User Interface also comes along with improvements to the camera performance on both handsets. The company also discloses that the update improves the picture quality in low-light conditions like sunrise and sunset.

On the Le Pro3 handset, the update comes with improvements to the HDR feature to allow the phone to capture and process HDR photos faster.

Apart from these major changes, the latest update also allows a user’s phone to vibrate only once if the fingerprint is not
recognised. The update also introduces a parental control feature along with other improvements to streaming quality of the LE application.

According to one report, Chinese smartphone maker, LeEco claims that the update also brings along improved Bluetooth functionality and increased Wi-Fi download speeds on the Le S3 device when both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at the same time.

In order to update LeEco handset, users need to go to Settings > System Update and follow the instructions to install the update when it appears.

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