Leaked: Alcatel Working on What Appears to be a Premium Windows Handset

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The competition in the smartphone market feisty and companies like Alcatel fall just short of the top five OEMs which in truth is a difficult place to get off especially when the likes of Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei and Xiaomi are launching devices at some breathtaking speeds.

To keep their head above water, Alcatel has to focus on the side of the markets that the big guns don’t usually throw in a lot of effort, like the mid-range segment.

After receiving positive feedback for the Alcatel Idol 3 launched in 2015, the company decided to add two more Android handsets to its lineup being the Idol 4 and Idol 4s. These devices are smooth, elegant and well worth their moderate price tags.

These phones do not have high-end internals like what you would find in premium handsets launched by the big boys but they do offer an interestingly cheap alternative and Keeps Alcatel in business.
Alcatel's Idol 4 and Idol 4S

The company is looking to take it a couple of notches though if recent rumours circulating are to be believed. According to these rumours, an unannounced smartphone dubbed Alcatel Idol 4 Pro is being put together by the company and interestingly, the phone will compete with the likes of S7 or P9.

The phone will reportedly be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset making the devices a lot more powerful than its predecessors who feature less powerful CPUs.


To set it apart, the device is said to run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system, rather than Android meaning, it could possibly support Continuum.

Additionally, the device is said to feature a 1920 x 1080-pixel display, a 21MP Sony IMX230 camera, a 3,000mAh battery, and a microSD card slot. There is said to be 4GB of RAM and an internal storage of 64GB.

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