Launcher For Google’s Upcoming Smartphones Leaked -Available for Download

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If you have been closely monitoring the reports on our website concerning the upcoming smartphones from Google which is partly going to be manufactured by HTC, you will be aware of the fact that Google is looking into the possibility of renaming its line of smartphones which were previously tagged with the Nexus moniker.

Google’s Pixel laptops are its “Surface” esque brand meaning they pack a lot of punch and cost a lot of $. A lot of names were supposedly suggested for Google’s upcoming smartphone but according to fresh rumours, few pictures were shared with is said to be the new launcher app that is believed to be from the new smartphones.

The launcher is dubbed Pixel Launcher, scrapping the Nexus Launcher name. This clearly implies that the next smartphone from Google will be tagged with Pixel Moniker.


Interested in trying out the launcher on your device? You’re in luck because an APk version of the software has been released but one should proceed with caution downloading and installing the software. Not only has it not been extensively tested on whatever device you want to install it on, but the programme is in its pre-release state, meaning it might come with bugs.

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Design wise, the launcher is packed with some interesting elements that set it apart from previous versions. For starters, there is no longer a dedicated home screen icon for the app drawer, instead, there is just a small indicator directing you to swipe up to see all your apps.

Google Smartphone

The drawer also has a new design that emphasises the search bar at the top. And on the home screen, there’s a Google icon that you can slide out to start a search, instead of the usual search bar that stretches from one end of the screen to the other.

Download APK here.

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