Koogeek Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Smart Health Scale

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Brand Koogeek is offering up to 24% for it Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Smart Health Scale as part of its Halloween activity. If you value health monitoring, then be sure to find Koogeek’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi smart Health scale device worth your time and money.

The health scale device comes with a Bluetooth feature that automatically uploads all information to smartphone devices.

This body-tracking, multi-user, and dual connectivity Health Scale can accurately measure your weight, body fat mass, body mass index, lean mass, bone mass, total body water, basal metabolic rate and visceral fat.

Apart from that, this scale also brings a stylish and sturdy design coupled with an ITO-moderated glass surface and a blue LED display, that makes the device perfect for everyday use.

Bearing Bluetooth 4.0 that allows for a fast and real-time synchronization of data to your handset, the scale also comes with a Wi-Fi feature that permits long-range weighing and data integration on your smartphones as well.

As previously hinted, the device supports multi-users which means, you can invite your family and friends to revel in the experience. Also, you can choose to keep personal health reports private, or share.


Even better, this device can help you as a mother to know how much your baby weighs. All you need to do is weigh yourself first, then step on the scale whilst holding your baby. In less than a few seconds, you should find the already calculated weight of your baby on your Koogek application.

How to use:

• Simply head to your app store and download the Koogeek application and follow the instructions for setup.
• It will prompt you to provide a valid email address and password.
• Profile configuration including your name, birthdate, height, and starting weight is usually the next thing. This information is used to set up your body mass index and other indicators that will be listed in the application after your first weigh-in.
• After this process, you will need to configure your profile by connecting the scale to your Wi-Fi.
• Remove the battery cover and you’ll see a button. Press the button until the scale comes on.
• The application on your handset will pull up your Wi-Fi name and prompt you to for your password.
• Once you are through with that, the scale and your mobile device will automatically connect and the scale will show the word “Pass” on the screen. This simply means that the whole process was successful and the device is ready to use.



  • 8 Precision Body Measurements
  • 16 Users Tracking Management
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Free Fitness App
  • Fine-tuned ITO-moderated glass surface and ABS

Size and Weight
• Length: 315mm
• Width: 315mm
• Thickness: 29mm
• Weight: Approx. 1750g

Package contents
• Koogeek Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Smart Health Scale
• AA Batteries
• Quick Start Guide

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