K88H is a Universally Operable Smartwatch With all the Bells and Whistles at $51 on Gearbest

Smartwatches have really caught on and the market for these handy wrist wears is increasing at rates akin to their smartphone counterparts.
Big players like Samsung, Apple, LG and the likes have dominated the market with expensive but premium installments.
Additionally, there is a long list of other cheaper alternatives most of which we have covered on our site.
Notable among them is the Zeblaze Cosmo which offers all the useful functionalities that you can get from a smartwatch and comes at an unbeatable price of- $69.

Due to the popularity of smart wearables in recent times, there is no shortage of taste as every category seem to have more than a few options to choose from. This list has gotten even bigger with the introduction of K88H.

K88H Smatwatch
At first glance, the K88H looks elegant with its perfectly rounded frame coupled with the traditional second, hour and minute hands which glows through the HD IPS 2.5D arc touch screen and has a full view resolution of 240 x 240 giving users a natural visual enjoyment and an impeccable touch responsiveness.
With a strap measuring 22mm which users can replace with versions of the different material and color. The device offers all functions associated with smartwatches from using ti to make and receive calls to viewing and reply messages with an icing on the cake you can wake up the device by simply raising your hand.

K88H Smartwatch Strap

Smartwatches are like a combination of a small extension of your smartphone, a fitness tracker and health monitoring apparel all mashed up into one as they come with an extensive list of on board sensors whose main purpose is to measure everything from heart rates to sleeping hours.

The K88H is no different as it is powered by an MTK 250 C chip designed and developed by MediaTek and offers Bluetooth 4.0 technology and 64MB of on-board RAM.

K88H Smartwatch Sleep monitor

This makes the watch compatible with both iOS and Android with sensors for Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Sleep monitor and Sedentary reminder, making it possible for the device to measure and calculate the amount the of hours you have slept, calculate your heartbeat while doing sports or just having a normal day or remind you to rest at times when you might forget due to having a hectic or fast paced day.

Data from all the daily of activities of the wearer are recorded and charted through the companion app installed on the tethered device.

K88H Smatwatch iOS and Android
One of the standout features of the smartwatch is its waterproofing functionality and with an IP54 rating, it should be able to withstand a few minutes when submerged in water.

K88H Smartwatch Heartrate monitor

The K88H is currently on sale at Gearbest at a 62% discount. Previously sold at $141, it is now available at $51.

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