JBL Reflect Aware Headphones Comes With A USB Type-C Connector

Headphones with active noise cancellation are great and they provide awesome audio output by reducing the noise in the background – which is done by measuring the ambient noise level — then adjusting the audio at levels that would drown the foreign sounds coming from the wearer’s surrounding area.
Because of the noise cancellation feature, headphones that sport this technology require more power to run than traditional sets that is why they usually come with their own battery compartments to compensate for the power needed and not put too much load on the devices they are connected to — which are usually smartphones.

JBL who are renowned headphone manufacturers are taking a different approach to deal with the power requirements of the noise cancellation headphones with the launch of its Reflect Aware C.

This headphones which is currently in the market is designed to be plugged into a device with a USB Type-C port be it a smartphone, laptop or any other gadget rather than using the standard 3.5mm jack.

As you are all aware, USB Type-C ports are capable of delivering both data and power to devices connected to it making the Reflect Aware C not requiring an additional power source.
The Headphones are launched in a double header event where both JBL and HTC decided to combine the launch of the headphones with the much talked about HTC 10.
According to JBL, the headphone will be available to those that preordered it around mid-June and it will cost $160 to own a pair.

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