Is Delta the Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker & Management App?

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The crypto market was in full bloom during 2017, with Bitcoin price rising like an unstoppable rocket – BTC was around $1,000 on January 1, 2017, and had reached $20,000 by end of the year. The excitement was high, it was euphoric, and that’s when crypto portfolio trackers really took off. People wanted to look at their gains across all their crypto holdings, and it really was getting tough to keep track of all the sh*tcoins we all bought.

While CryptoCompare has a really nice portfolio tracker, with mobile crypto wallets becoming more common, the need for a good mobile portfolio app was unmet. That’s when Delta was released, an app with a smooth, good-looking UI and a rather intuitive UX.

Delta Portfolio Tracker Features

The Delta app has come a long way since its release, and has added a lot of new features (apart from basic portfolio tracking), such as the ability to:

  1. Set price alerts for over 3,000 coins (you get notifications when price deviates from your given target)
  2. Create a watchlist for coins you want to track
  3. Get a quick market overview, including trading volume, BTC dominance and so on
  4. Get quick crypto news from teams behind most coins, such as Litecoin, Monero, Dash and NEO
  5. Get aggregated news stories from top media sites
  6. Create multiple portfolios (such as active trading, long-term hodling and so on)

Reasons why Delta is the best crypto portfolio tracking app

I personally believe Delta is the best crypto portfolio tracking and management app, and it is not just because of the features above but because of how the app brings everything together in a very user-friendly manner.

The graphics are great, the flow is intuitive and the depth of information is really a lot more than you would expect.

Even when you are adding new coins to your portfolio, you can choose from several exchanges, both popular (like BitTrex, Bitfinex and Binance) and smaller ones (like, HitBTC etc.).

With every transaction, you can choose to get your holdings adjusted with transaction fees automatically deducted as well as the ability to set price per coin or for your entire order.

If you’re looking for more details, you can also view the orderbook for any pair on the supported exchanges.

XRPUSDT orderbook bittrex

Moreover, you can view detailed analytics for your porfolio, including the diversity, good decisions and bad decisions you made (for PRO subscribers).

Delta Crypto Tracker Analytics

The app also supports more advanced features like connecting your wallet address with the app, allowing it to automatically import withdrawals and deposits, to help balance your portfolio more accurately (instead of you adding every transaction manually).

Similarly, you can also connect your exchange account to import data for portfolio tracking, and in neither case does the app actually get any control over your funds.

The PRO version costs around $8 per month or cheaper if you go for annual billing and apart from the more advanced features you also get to use an Oled-screen supported night mode (pitch black) for extra style.

The Delta crypto tracking app is available for both Android and iOS, and you can download it from the app stores. Is it the best crypto portfolio management app? We think it is. What do you think? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

Delta Investment Portfolio Tracker
Delta Investment Portfolio Tracker
  • Delta Investment Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Investment Portfolio Tracker Screenshot
  • Delta Investment Portfolio Tracker Screenshot

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