iPhone SE 2 Rumoured to Sport 4.2-Inch Display, Launch at WWDC 2018

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Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are in the habit of bringing newer versions of their handset brands, which has left the vast majority of phone users in a state of perpetual expectancy. Samsung is widely known as one of the top handset makers producing a high number of branded mobile devices with successors.

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Apple on the other hand are also following the same trend with its iPhone series that the company keeps improving every now and then.

In 2016, the California-based company launched the iPhone SE that earned a lot of appreciation from Apple fans all over the world. Now everyone seems to have gotten enough of the phone whilst looking forward to an improved variant.

As expected, Apple will be launching the successor to the iPhone SE sometime this year at the WWDC developer’s conference.

As rumors would have it, the upcoming iPhone SE successor will highlight an A10 SoC and a 4.2-inch display compared to the A9 SoC and a 4-inch IPS display, that rolled out with the previous version.

Coming as what might be a buzz killer for most Apple fans, the new iPhone SE 2 will not bring features including 3D sensing technology and wireless charging support. Sadly, this piece of information happens to be true as it came directly from one of China’s KGI security analyst.

Furthermore, the iPhone SE 2 is tipped to run iOS 12 out of the box and will be unveiled in two storage units such as 32GB and 128GB. Sporting a RAM speed of 2GB, the handset is also said to maintain the fingerprint sensor-equipped Touch ID home button.

Considering the fact that Apple is still yet to make pertinent statements, we strongly recommended that you read this article with a pinch of salt.

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