Installing Snap on BlackBerry OS to Get Play Store Android Apps [Video Tutorial]

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Hey guys, as you know, I’ve been playing around with my new BlackBerry Q10 and have been trying to install different Android apps on it. After some recommendations from our readers I decided to install Snap on my phone to access Google Play Store.

The installation procedure was a tad complicated, so after figuring it out I wanted to make a video tutorial for others who want to install Snap on their BlackBerry 10.2 phones.

You’re going to need the following first:

1. Google Chrome Browser: Download it here.

2. Google Chrome Extension for BB10 App Manager: Download it here.

3. Snap.bar file for installation: Download it here.

4. Data cable to connect your BlackBerry with your Computer.

5. Google account to access Play Store apps.

You can watch how it’s done in the video below, but if you’re one for reading, the instructions are also given here.

After downloading and installing Google Chrome Browser you need to install the extension (BB10/Playbook App Manager) and it will show up as a BB icon on your browser.

Now you need to go to Settings>Security and Privacy>Development Mode and turn it on. If you’ve set a phone password, you will be prompted to renter it. Once it’s done, there is an IP Address below it, which is usually set to (note it down).

Once this is done, you need to connect your BlackBerry phone with your computer using a data cable. If you’ve installed BlackBerry link it will open up automatically once your phone is connected. You can leave it running if you want, but we won’t be using it.

Go to Chrome browser now and open a new tab before clicking on the BB icon (from the extension we installed earlier). This will open up a new page with a white text box which says: “Device Hostnames/IPs” – enter the IP Address (you noted earlier) here and click on save.

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Now click on the same IP Address link at the bottom of the page and you’ll go to another page which lists all the apps installed on your BlackBerry phone. You can choose to uninstall them or install new ones by clicking on the Install Apps button on the top right corner.

Select the Snap.bar file you downloaded earlier (link at the top of this post) and you will see progress while it is being installed. Once done, you will see a success message.

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Now just unplug your phone, browse the apps and run Snap. You will now be required to enter your Google credentials to get access to Play Store apps, and that’s pretty much it. Enjoy downloading and installing Android apps directly onto your BlackBerry phone!



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