Install and Uninstall Android Apps in Chrome OS

Android applications can be introduced onto your Chromebook just as simply as they can be on your smartphone, and they can be uninstalled as simply as any other Chrome application can.

It’s the ideal opportunity for a little tip utilising your Chromebook with regards to Android application installation and uninstallation. Installing them has to be done the usual Android way, but uninstalling them requires a different method.



Applications are installed using the Play Store, and that is the place where all the installed Android applications are displayed since Chrome has no side loading feature for Android applications.

When you had the PlayStore installed on your Chromebook it installed a shortcut icon on your taskbar, of course, clicking it will take you to the PlayStore in which you can browse through like on your smartphone for preferred apps or enter search keywords into the search field to bring up the specific app you are looking for. Either way, clicking the install button will get your app onto your system. Easy.

However, when you want to uninstall any apps, there is also a somewhat easy way. Snap or tap on the amplifying glass in your taskbar, and a window will open. At the top of that window is a line of symbols displaying all your recently used applications. Tapping the “All applications” icon will open your “Application Drawer”. The number of pages depends on the number of installed applications you have so you can just search for your desired app by swiping through with your trackpad or with your finger on a touchscreen.

Discover the application you want uninstalled and right-clicking on it (or double tapping with your finger while using a trackpad, or long pressing with your finger on a touchscreen) will open up an options panel. Select “Uninstall” and done, the application is gone.

App menu

No, you wouldn’t get a dialogue box confirming your selection, so make sure you’re careful when you tap things. Thank heavens we don’t need to look through the “My applications” or “All applications” tabs in Google Play, right?

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