Install and Set Up Google Play Store On Your Chromebook

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Google Play is only a tap away immediately you get the M53 upgrade on your Chromebook.

You need to check if your Chromebook has support for Android applications in the dev channel first, and if it does, you would still need to manually install Google Play store yourself. The good news is that the Play store installation process is far from tedious.


Presently, the supported notebook is the ASUS Chromebook Flip, the Acer Chromebook r11 and the 2015 Pixel will receive support in upcoming coming weeks. Observe here to perceive how to change to the dev channel on the off chance that you require some assistance. When you have that sorted, everything else is done in the settings.

Click the base right corner of your screen (where the system and battery symbols are). You’ll see icons for your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data and the volume slider. What we’re looking for is the connection to the settings page, which is close to the base of the little window. Tap on that.

Your Chromebook settings page ought to open. You’ll see a wide range of things that can be edited, search for the “Play store” area and therein you will discover a crate that says “Empower Google Play Store on your Chromebook.” Go ahead and check the field.

Another window will open, and you’ll have to tap the “Begin” button.

Next up, you will see the most accepted confirmation dialogue window ever, “terms and conditions”. We would advise you to read it because it is important that you know what you are granting permission. After you consent to the terms, you’ll see the Play store application open and you will be good to go.

Don’t forget that not all the applications are going to work the same way they do on an Android phone because this feature is still in the engineer channel (which has been unmistakably set apart as insecure) and thus, is still being tested both in-house at Google and freely. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop you from trying out any and all of the applications you would like to have on your Chromebook.

Do you already have Android apps running on your Chromebook? Let us know your experience in the comments section down below.

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