Instagram Is Adding a Text Translation Feature Soon

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Instagram as it is, is one of the most used social networks that were purchased by Facebook a few years ago as the silicon valley based company began to see social networking site as a potential to extend its reach around the globe.

Instagram have seen  tremendous growth under the vision and management of Facebook, and the numbers keep raking up. The purchase created a win win suituation for both platforms as Facebook use Instagram as an extension of itself and while the latter will benefit with an influx of users.

Instagram is embarking is looking to improve users experience when using the platform after announcing that it’s number has climed up to  500 million. The plaform will now cater for text translation which is set to arrive next month. When launched, you’ll see a “See Translation” that will automatically translate your texts, comments, and post in languages that you want. It will be supported by 24 languages. The new feature will be accessible to all users even if there isn’t a clear-cut timeline.

This could be one of the most important tools create for the social networking site as it would glue together millions that use it.


In the coming months, all your bios and feedback stories will be translated to your preferred text and in addition, you will also see different languages in which they are translated. The Instagram community has rapidly gone beyond borders as it has grown with speed and has become more global than we anticipated. We are so excited to know that we will be able to understand the full story of the moment, no matter what language they are in. To learn more about the translation on Instagram, check out

Nevertheless, this feature wouldn’t be available for older posts or comments, as the machine Instagram is using is learning to translate a current text.

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