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The Influencer Marketing Platform is a recent development in the world of online marketing and it has proven very successful. Their app is invaluable for all kinds of micro-influencers and marketing agencies as it helps users stay up to date with all the latest industry trends and developments.

It helps people find information about upcoming conferences and events and it also lets you access e-books related to marketing, which you can read on your phone.

The Youtube money calculator is another key feature of the app, allowing popular Youtube users to quickly and easily predict their future profits based on their current popularity and view counts. Thus, if you are a Youtube content creator, the Youtube money calculator will give you an accurate prediction of your channel’s chances of success or failure.

The Youtube feature provides users with a real time analysis of the most popular Youtube users from all over the world. For example, it can display a list of the top 20 Youtube influencers as well the number of followers they have and also the number of views of their videos.

Influencer Marketing Hub
Influencer Marketing Hub
Developer: AppInstitute AA
Price: Free
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Influencer Marketing regularly posts information about who and what is trending on the internet to various platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Influencer

Marketing Hub also provides relevant case studies and reviews that will greatly help you if you are a Youtuber. It also publishes white papers and e-books.

The Influencer Marketing services will allow users to access an endless amount of training resources as well as guidance as to how to make money on Youtube. All these resources will teach you how to become a popular influencer on Instagram and their marketing platforms such as Pinterest.

This app is intended for Influencers on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. It is also meant to be used by anyone who works in an organization and desire to become top influencers and earn a good amount of money.

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