iNew H-one Health Watch Available for $83 at Ali Express

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iNew, this smartphone brand became popular following the release of the elegant V3, but now, that fame it acquired has diminished. Making the firm announce the release of a new smartwatch called the iNew H-One, in the hopes of winning back some lost glory.

Manufacturers of smartwatches have come in for a lot of criticisms due to the various problems associated with it, and sceptics affirm that smartwatches have a long way to go before the devices can reach their full potential.

The negative reports concerning smartwatches did not put iNew Company away, rather they have seen an opportunity for redemption. The iNew H-One is basically a smartwatch but with the focus on health and fitness, and since the brand is known for releasing affordable products with the price varying around $100, the new wearable is priced at $83.99 on AliExpress.


Since it is a health-focused wearable, it features a science sleep monitor, science sports monitor, family interaction, heart rate monitor, and blood pressure monitor.

You can check your heart rate change and blood pressure data in the form of a graph on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The device also has its own Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Health Managing System which is said to be capable of forecasting bad health events.


Now to the specifications, the H-One is not like the bunch of other smartwatches that work on the MediaTek MT250xx series of chipsets, rather it uses the Texas instruments 240 chip.


It has a Mirror Display Screen of 1.54” 240 x 240 resolution which is enclosed in a stainless steel frame and has a quality faux leather strap. The device also flaunts a Bluetooth 4.0 ensuring low power consumption and it is compatible with both iOS 7 and Android 4.3, powered by a 220mAh battery with a standby time of 72h.

The disclaimer on the device is that it is not water-resistant, but it does all other things that wearables do, like distance count, step count, calorie count, alarm, answer calls, etc.

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